Some of the notable episodes include:

Manny Fernandez in Conversation with Dr. Ricardo J. Whyte: This episode explores the intersection of mental health, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Dr. Whyte, a medical director with nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare, discusses his insights on promoting life balance and resilience, especially relevant for entrepreneurs in high-stress environments​​.

Manny Fernandez Interviews Don Green, President of the Napoleon Hill Foundation: This episode delves into the principles of success and personal development, highlighting the impact of positive thinking and the power of persistence. The discussion also covers the timeless relevance of Napoleon Hill's teachings in "Think and Grow Rich"​​.

Manny Fernandez Featuring Former Undisputed 6x World Champion Zab Judah: In this episode, Fernandez and Judah discuss the journey from being an ambitious athlete to becoming a six-time world champion boxer. The podcast highlights Judah's resilience, determination, and mental fortitude​​.

The Champion's Mindset: Insights from Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Stepfather Don Hale: This episode provides an intimate look into Mayweather's undefeated journey, emphasizing family, resilience, and mindset. Don Hale shares personal stories and insights about Floyd's early life and the challenges he faced​​.

Manny Fernandez Hosts John Legere, Visionary Leader and Former CEO of T-Mobile: This episode offers insights and experiences of John Legere, discussing his leadership principles and strategies that led to his success as CEO of T-Mobile​​.

Self-Made Billionaire: From Paper Routes to Billboards - A Blueprint for Success: This enlightening episode features a conversation with Jordan Zimmerman, a self-made billionaire and advertising magnate. Zimmerman shares his journey and insights on building a business empire from scratch​.